Lean Startup  Experience

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European Business School [OpenExecEd] / FINANCIAL TIMES 2020

Lean Startup Experience executive program affordable to Tunisians

“ Upcoming Edition ”

20 SEP 2021

Duration 3 days/24 hours

Language English

Format Live virtual

Place Porto/Online

Certification Innovation Excellence Certificate

Lean Startup Experience executive program affordable to Tunisians

Why this programme?

This programme uses the “Lean Startup” concept as a canvas to give participants the essential knowledge needed to either transform the company they work in or start their own business. In addition to learning about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial management and change management, participants will get hands-on skills they can use in any company or to start their own business. Every participant will practice these skills in-class by building a real business, either as internal corporate startup or as a new business. This programme will also cover the traditional new venture development and the entrepreneurial process (problem identification, innovation, business plans, fund raising, launching, and managing a new venture). / It will also cover the essential knowledge derived from entrepreneurship research covering proven keys to success as well as scientific research about what it takes in an individual and group to succeed in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

With The Lean Startup Experience Programme I will learn the cultural and structural aspects of forming and running a new venture, either inside an existing company or as a startup. / Learn multiple methods of new venture formation and management, focusing on the lean startup. / Learn useful basics of problem identification, innovation, idea formation & brainstorming, idea validation, risk assessment, business plan creation, financial planning, startup accounting, sales, fundraising, marketing, launching, crowdfunding, and managing a new venture. / Learn the latest knowledge from scientific research about new ventures including: definition of entrepreneurship, top management teams, financing, exit analysis, and more. / Gain practical skills and experience starting a real new venture, in-class.

With The Lean Startup Experience Programme my organisation will increase its intrapreneurial mindset/ Have the skillset and toolset to boost innovation inside the organization. / Build internal capabilities to fast-track ideation and product-market fit of innovative products, services and business models. / Build internal capabilities on entrepreneurial management. / Know how to manage an innovation portfolio.

Who is it for?

For C-Level Suite managers that wish to learn about entrepreneurial management. / Executives in product and service development and in innovation departments. / Executives involved in digital transformation endeavors. / Executives involved in change management, continuous improvement and organizational culture. / Individuals that wish to start their own business. / All those that acknowledge that a more innovative and flexible management way is required in their company.


International MBA

Porto Business School is the business school of the University of Porto.  Founded in 1911, the University of Porto is a benchmark for Higher Education and Scientific Research in Portugal.

It is also one of the top universities in Europe and among the top 10% in the world according to the QS Ranking in “Economics and Econometrics” (based on the analysis of more than 3,000 universities). The University of Porto Innovation mindset is reflected in UPTEC, the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, dedicated to incubating startups and hosting Business Innovation Centers.

32 years

of history of a successful partnership between the University of Porto and some of the largest national and multinational companies.








Live virtual learning

Our live virtual learning model has been carefully designed to give you the best of both world: join expert faculty delivering our world-class programmes live in Porto from the comfort of your own home. Join virtual experiential activities and collaborative group work with your peers, and interact with faculty and guest speakers for real-time impact. You'll also have the opportunity to reinforce your learning and live the Porto experience by joining us on campus in the near future for an exclusive day featuring the latest thinking from our world-class faculty and network with like-minded professionals.



Strategic Innovation and Science Manager, Professor, Researcher, Mentor and Entrepreneur. Executive Director of the Porto Business School Business Innovation Centre and professor of entrepreneurship at The Magellan MBA at Porto Business School. He was the founder and coordinator of the Porto Design Factory, where he managed the Porto Design Accelerator and Beta Sound System boot accelerators. He was also the coordinator of ME310 PORTO – Post-graduation in Product Innovation, in partnership with Stanford University and the SUGAR Network.

Companies need new entrepreneurial management styles to boost an innovation culture and maximize the product-market fit of new products, services and business models. The Lean Startup Experience provides a 360º approach to accelerate that process.


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The programme The Design Thinking Experience enables, along with the attendance of the programmes Lean Startup Experience and The Agile Experience the attribution of the Innovation Excellence Certificate.

The participant can conclude all three programmes within a maximum of 18 months. The order in which he chooses to attend them is irrelevant.

Companies partnering with INODEV and their staff, former participants to our programmes are eligible for special offers. Applicants can also benefit from a 2% discount on payment at once upon registration.

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