We give innovators the tools, guides, and insights to help organizations boost the way they innovate.

What is this service?

In a rapidly changing world, those who fail to innovate will be left behind.

We have an eye on what entrepreneurs and innovative corporations are doing globally, which helps us bring best practices to startups and shape ecosystems.

INODEV is providing innovation services for start-ups, helping them grow and scale; universities, connecting research with business and helping to commercialize R&D; corporates, bringing innovation into big organizations; and governments, helping them build innovation communities and ecosystems nationally and globally.

Our innovation services cover

Corporate innovation

Large companies and organizations are sometimes slow to adapt to new market trends. We help organizations to bring innovative change to their core business and keep the competitive edge ahead of or with start-ups. We support public and private clients to run brainstorming workshops, build prototypes and test ideas and customer appetite, build innovation hubs and ecosystems of national and international scale, build and enrol start-up communities, and create own venture capital arms.


Services for corporations
    • In-depth analysis of tech, business trends
    • Assessment of innovation capabilities
    • Development of innovation agenda
    • Creation of innovation radar for identification of current and future trends
    • Facilitation of entrepreneurship, new ideas generation and growth
    • Creation of entrepreneurship culture, process and developing spin-offs
    • Development of non-formal, creative environment of a start-up community for own employees
    • Creation of full-immersion into the start-up ecosystem, scouting, selection and management of start-ups that suit the corporation’s needs
    • Identifying digital opportunities
    • Creating digital transformation journey
    • Organization of innovation workshops

Start-up consulting and R&D commercialization

We help start-ups scaling to the new markets, raising capital, getting clarity on business directions.

Start-up support and R&D commercialization services include the development of technology transfer offices at universities, conducting training for researchers on technology transfer, business development, organizing matchmaking events between researchers and business.


Services for start-ups and R&D commercialization
    • The attraction of public grants for research and development
    • The attraction of public/private subsidies for commercialization of innovative ideas
    • International roadshows and demo days
    • Increasing investment readiness
    • Development of the business plan
    • Development of investor pitch
    • Development and validation of the business model
    • Development of commercialization strategy

Start-up ecosystem development

Developing support services for groups of start-ups through pre-acceleration and acceleration growth programs. Investment, development and international networking of start-up support eco-systems players such as technology parks, business angel networks, science parks and business support agencies. We also help public and private companies and organizations build innovation ecosystems of national and international scale.


Services for start-ups ecosystem development
    • Start-up development program creation and implementation
    • Inspiration and team formation: lectures, hackathons
    • Pre-acceleration: working with young teams
    • Acceleration: growing teams
    • Start-up ecosystem design, strategy and implementation
    • Mentor network creation and management
    • Supporting the creation and growth of (digital) innovation hubs and R&D centers
    • Internationalization support services for hubs and other innovation support providers


Entrepreneurship journey

INODEV in association with Porto Business School, The Center for Business Innovation, Science-based Incubators, and Research & Technology Development Centers  are drawing a specific set of solutions for the different stages of the entrepreneurship journey. Mentorships, talks, workshops and pre-acceleration are part of the skill set that will allow your business idea to rise and  grow. These activities are being developed to be the starting point for the creation of an open innovation ecosystem and a way to inspire an entrepreneurship mindset, activating the community around innovation and entrepreneurship topics.

Inspire an entrepreneurship mindset, activating the community around innovation.


Fast Forward

Fast Forward

The Fast Forward is a pre-acceleration programme that will give participants tools to turn their ideas into startups. The teams receive individual guidance from industry experts and entrepreneurs and will attend workshops focused on the needs of this stage of development.




The InStart – The International Express for Startups aims to help Tunisian companies and startups enter the European market, especially in Portugal. With a versatile programme that aims to help with cultural and financial adaptation, InStart prepares entrepreneurs to overcome difficulties that may arise, with the help of mentors and experts in the field with deep international business experience.

Talent development

Invest in future-proof talent management. Our talent development programs build the capabilities that the leadership of future organizations will need.


Innovation leadership – 2-6 months

Our leadership builds the skills and capabilities necessary to lead an organization through change and disruption. The goal is to transform the corporate mindset into a flexible, startup-minded and customer-oriented innovation approach.


Train-the-trainer – 10 days

Our innovation consultants can train your coaches on the full array of innovation tools and techniques that we use in our own innovation programs. Every train-the-trainer session is custom-made to fit the innovation maturity level of your organization.


Trainings – 1-7 days

Innovation training       ¦    Design thinking     ¦    Business model innovation

             Lean start-up     ¦    Innovation for executives

How we do it

In a few words.

A typical consulting project in this area starts with an assessment of innovation capabilities of a company and an in-depth conversation and information exchange with an innovation expert during which he assesses the state of a start-up or an organization and identifies its needs.

After that, a team of innovation experts designs a solution and identifies the strategic innovation priorities and the appropriate talent development program formulated to satisfy client’s needs.

The final stage of a project is the implementation of the action plan together with the client team, monitoring the progress, controlling the intermediate results and assisting the client in the decision-making.

Master your innovation and implement value added solutions