Incubation of ideas and businesses with best science-based business incubators.

We promote privileged access to the scientific and technological system and valuable services facilitating the startup process and entrance to the market through training in technical and management areas and contact with international markets. We support the early stages of new innovative, technology-based or advanced services business projects. Priority projects are spin-offs arising from flagship research universities or inventors and startups that ensure a strong connection to the university environment, whether through students, faculty or RTD activities.

We foster incubation of ideas and businesses with the best science-based business incubators.

Our incubation services cover

Virtual incubuation

The virtual incubation program provides a similar range of facilities and services to the physical incubation program, except for those relating to the exclusive occupation of modules or incubation areas. All projects approved in the pre-application stage are automatically approved for the virtual incubation program and can start using the services and facilities provided. There are two types of virtual incubation: Start and Follow-up.


Virtual incubation Start is aimed at entrepreneurs who have recently started their project or business but do not require a physical space. The company may not even be incorporated yet. The virtual incubation Start contract has an initial term of three months and may be renewed for equal periods when needed and appropriate.


A co-work space for companies that are in virtual incubation Start and need to have a work-space, even if shared with other projects. Your work area includes furniture for 1 job, printing facilities, internet and access to the premises 10 hours a day in a room with capacity for 6 to 8 projects.


Graduated companies, i.e. successful projects that have completed the virtual start program and wish to continue to enjoy the incubator services, may sign a Follow-up virtual incubation contract. This contract has a duration of three months, automatically renewable for equal periods.


The physical incubation program requires, as the name implies, the physical installation of the company within the incubator facilities. The company has the choice to install its activity in one of the incubation modules. These incubation spaces are located in Europe and are furnished, The company has access to a set of basic services, already included in the price: reception, security, cleaning and access to two telephone lines, among others.


The business incubator

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Both virtual and physical incubation programs include basic plan services. Extra special services may be offered upon request.
The incubator has real estate with equipped modern offices and world-class labs for research and technological development.

Basic plan services
  • Technical orientation and early stage development.
  • Tutorial follow-up for the business plan development.
  • Intellectual property and legal assistance (i.e. technology transfer contracts, patents or brands registration).
  • Logistic Services: Meeting rooms, mailbox service, phone, fax, internet, photocopies.
  • Access and contact with several national and international research centers, knowledge institutions and funding sources, etc.
  • Privileged access to specialized consultants in diverse fields.
Special services
  • Accounting services and tax-planning.
  • Consolidate the applications for incentive for business investment, R&D, innovation, employment programs.
  • Access to regular technology and management trainings.
  • Support to fundraising and funding.


The incubation program is designed for any company or project aiming at developing and marketing technology-based products and/or providing advanced and innovative services. Qualified professionals will review your pre-application in order to validate your access. Subsequent the validation, we will help you prepare a business plan for the final application to the physical incubation program.