About us

We are a consulting company that combines traditional consulting model and challenger mindset.

We offer hands-on experience and skills required to drive innovative technology-based projects from the idea to the market. We do this by developing growth strategies, innovation capabilities, technology transfer methodologies, internationalization strategies, R&D practices, and new businesses using our clients’ assets and core strengths. Our consultants help the organizations navigate fundamental shifts.

Thanks to our years in the field and to the energy of our committed partners,

we focus on programs that produce results.

We combine traditional consulting model

Fact-based consulting

We use methodologies and approaches of the traditional consulting toolkit, with a focus on analytical rigor and fact-based problem-solving.

Practical & impact-oriented

We want to make sure that our work gives real results to our clients. Our primary focus is on serving clients who understand that they can benefit from external help and who are ready to implement solutions and drive change in their organizations. On our side, we help these clients by suggesting pragmatic solutions that take client specifics including capabilities of the internal team to implement.

and challenger mindset

Bold and innovative

Our independence allows us to say what we truly believe to our clients. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and we encourage our clients to think out of the box and challenge their industries or institutions towards positive change. This means asking difficult questions, making uncomfortable observations, and bringing bold new ideas and innovative solutions to the table.

Flexible & efficient model

We are focused on what our clients really need - excellent teams delivering results on projects. We stick to low overheads due to low internal bureaucracy, flexible and efficient team structures tailored to customer needs, cutting out non-value added components from project scope and applying success fees where it is warranted.

Our mission


Our long-term mission is to inspire 100 million people to innovate for a better tomorrow. To achieve this goal, we’ve built a comprehensive open-source innovation knowledge base on the web. We publish tools, guides, in-depth break-downs of methodologies, how-to articles, and reports to give you everything you need to develop successful new businesses.

Our Culture & Values



We take ownership, and get things done.

raise bar


We aim to set the standard by working smarter, not harder

help others

Help others

We genuinely help others to shine and be amazing. No ego.

make it matter

Make it matter

We focus on what will have the biggest impact. No theatre.

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