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What is this service?

We support clients from established companies, governments, and start-ups with our strategy services to help them make meaningful changes in their businesses, organizations, and society.

Our team is working side-by-side with clients on strategic planning, changing the organizational mindset and driving organizational transformation.

In our work, we offer best practices and experience gained from various projects in many countries, industries, and academia.

Our strategy services cover



We work alongside our client teams to develop strategic action plans including performance diagnostics, assessment of market opportunities, competitor analysis, development of aspirational targets, and action planning. We lead business plan development or facilitate strategic planning by moderating strategy sessions and taking the client through the strategic planning process to reach the best possible impact.


Strategy services
    • Corporate and Sectoral strategies
    • Definition of product development strategy
    • R&D and/or intellectual property strategies
    • Preparation of strategy documents
    • Facilitation of strategy sessions
    • Identification of alternatives
    • Definition of valuation criteria
    • Assessment of alternative initiatives
    • Development of the implementation plan
    • Review of acquisition targets

Intellectual property and technology licensing

Securing a strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio is of paramount importance for successful research and new product development in the science & technology sector. However, technology licensing is the finest path to commercial adoption. We provide support to IP rights for your technology or locate motivated partners through market analysis. We advise in decision-making on the alternative of license or spinout though the nature of your technology and market opportunity.


Services for IP and technology licensing
    • Analysis of client’s IP portfolio
    • Management of the client’s IP assets including collaboration with qualified legal counsels in a cost- and time-efficient manner
    • Development of IP generating strategies in agreement with clients’ business and revenue models
    • Development of licensing strategies and negotiation of strategic deals essential to the clients’ commercialization efforts

Organization and corporate culture

Organization and corporate culture are important factors that influence market success. To better support the business growth of our clients, our strategy services include restructuring of business units, post-merger integration, establishment of shared services to provide better, faster services to business units at lower cost, redesign of organizational structure to adapt to new strategy and business needs, efficiency improvement, management incentives models.


Services for organization and corporate culture
    • Definition of alternative organizational structures
    • Division of tasks and responsibilities between business units
    • Assistance with decisions regarding centralization of functions
    • Development of job descriptions
    • Management of the recruitment process (from candidate prospecting/screening to hiring inventive and qualified candidates)
    • Definition of monitoring system down to individual employees
    • Development of strategic KPIs and link to the compensation system
    • Facilitation of process mapping sessions
    • Documentation of small improvements (“quick wins“)

Change management

Change management is needed when performance is decreasing due to a crisis, technological breakthrough of the industry, increased competition, consumer preferences changes, mergers & acquisitions, organizational restructuring, and many other reasons. We support our clients to drive change by identifying core problems, creating, and implementing the restructuring plan.


Change management services
    • Project design set-up
    • Development of sustainable employee training plan
    • Capacity development programs
    • The comprehensive cost reduction program
    • Optimization of procurement
    • Restructuring and centralization of support functions

How we do it

In a few words.

Typical strategic engagement has several phases, including diagnostics, solution design, planning, and implementation.

Such projects usually start with a thorough analysis of current operations and performance metrics and move to the identification of internal and external

opportunities, finding ways to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment, setting goals and priorities, developing business plans and supporting in the implementation process.

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